Key Solutions

Digital Marketing

Industry leader in the digital marketing field

We were one of the first advertising agencies to focus on the interactive media. In addition to developing advertising promotion activities, we established membership organizations of internet users, created e-commerce websites, produced various campaigns, cooperated with technology firms both within and outside Japan to develop unique products, and conducted numerous joint studies related to digital marketing. We have significantly contributed to the awareness building of “Attribution Management, ” “The Third Party Ad Server” and other fields, and to their penetration into the whole advertising and marketing industry.
We have achieved a distinctive position in the digital marketing field by responding to the latest digital marketing technologies and evolving digital media environment to provide the optimal plan, operation, and evaluation for our clients.

Direct Marketing

Our capabilities to provide solutions
in direct response marketing

In the growing mail order market, we provide comprehensive support to our clients’ business from market entry to sales expansion.
We provide our own unique solutions with the aim to obtain customers and increase profits of clients. These include effective planning and creative development based on characteristics of products, target customers, areas, media, and effect of advertising, as well as receiving orders, shipping products, and handling CRM for customers. Also, we are expanding our services to support response-required industries such as finance, and travel, leveraging our accumulated know-how.

Integrated Marketing Service

Solution Capability based on Integrated Marketing Service

Working alongside the agenda set forth by the advertising client, specialists in various departments organically collaborate. Together with our marketing power that take full advantage of various data resources, and solution strength with high expertise, the organization was strengthened so to provide unique communication services and business solutions to advertising clients.
Our account executives, the front line to our clients, closely cooperate with planning/solution departments of media, creative, marketing, digital, sales promotion and direct response. Furthermore, our account executives work alongside the goal set forth by the client and offer optimum solution through the PDCA cycle process.