Integrated Marketing Solution

Departments organically cooperate
with each other to resolve issues of our clients

Depending on the issues of our clients, our specialists in each department organically cooperate with each other. Using our marketing power based on various types of data and integrated marketing service utilizing communication technology we successfully lead consumers to clients’ brands and products.

Marketing Solution
Marketing strategy that leads clients’ business to success

As the communication environment has become complex and multilayered,
so the world has become such that it is more and more difficult to find the “right answer”. To provide optimal solutions, we use two distinct approaches of “Strategic Planning” to carefully follow the marketing process, and of “Communication Design” to create new communication.

  • ■ Solutions drawn up through research and environmental analysis
  • ■ Marketing and communication strategy planning
  • ■ Communication design to maximize information transmission
  • ■ Solutions to stimulate consumer behavior
Media Solution
Media solution that maximizes
the effect of communication

The optimal media strategy planning and media buying are developed based on the communication plan designed to achieve marketing goals of our clients.
Our solutions with our media-neutral ideas and the power of media and contents contribute to resolving our clients’ issues.

  • ■ Solutions for all media including digital from the perspective of clients
  • ■ Planning based on effect prediction using our own data and simulation tools
  • ■ Buying Radio and TV media through our business alliance with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, the second largest media communication agency in Japan that allows for competitive economies of scale
  • ■ Unique and effective planning using media of Asahi Shimbun Group
  • ■ Planning using contents and resources of media companies
Direct Marketing
Direct marketing with a core focus
on consumer insight

We provide multifaceted support using our accumulated know-how and our own tools, including creative production, CRM analysis, retail support for O2O, test marketing in the early stage of direct response business, and more.
Our effective and efficient direct response solutions lead to response-oriented clients’ business success.

  • ■ The optimal media plan to increase investment efficiency
  • ■ One stop solutions from new consumer aquisition to CRM
  • ■ Original direct marketing support package suitable for test marketing of direct response business
  • ■ Solutions using our unique tools such as “Asako Direct Clip, ” “Asako Direct Area Analytics, ” “Asako Direct CRM Analytics,” and more
  • ■ Supporting fulfillment service such as call center, distribution, and mission-critical system
Creative Solution
Creative development utilizing
communication technology

In today’s advertising communication where efficiency through the use of data and technology is required, creative has become key more than ever.
Our creative is designed by looking beyond data to discover what the brand needs and stimulate consumer insight through the use of data and technology.
We provide the best solutions to bring out the best results with unique ideas through the versatile use of communication technology.

  • ■ Consulting based on creative strategy
  • ■ Solutions drawn up using creative units and tools
  • ■ Solutions produced with various alliance partners
  • ■ “ASAKO online movie package,” one stop service from production to effectiveness measurement
Digital Solution
Digital solution based on
data management

In our rapidly changing digital technology world, we appropriately arrange the triple media, from real to virtual, and design the information distribution so that our “consumers are naturally exposed and want to tell the others”.
We also integrate, analyze, and evaluate consumer responses, accumulated customer data and third party data to provide the optimal solutions through the PDCA spiral for better results.

  • ■ Communication design through the cross-sectional use of Triple Media (Paid/Owned/Earned)
  • ■ Consumer behavior analysis and campaign operation through the integration and use of our clients’ consumer data and third party data
  • ■ Programmatic buying including organizational structure development and operational partner development
  • ■ Digital media planning, audience planning, buying, operation, report, and effect verification
  • ■ Planning and production for advertisings, contents, and websites of PC, mobile, and other digital devices
Sales Promotion
SP solution that moves consumers
and lead to purchase

We have three specialized professional functions: events production, SP planning, and SP creative. These functions allow the realization of “Sales promotion that moves consumers” and “Innovation that moves consumers” in one stop. We provide the best solutions in a wide range of promotion field and execute dynamic and meticulous operations.

  • ■ One stop solution including planning, production and operation in sales promotion field
  • ■ Consistent communication planning from POP tool to advertising
  • ■ Campaign planning including production of premiums, conduction of campaigns, management of campaign offices, and more
  • ■ Producing events, contests, space designs, and more
  • ■ Versatile services ranging from PR to risk communication planning and contents business